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Name: Coaster casting mold
Size of the mold: (The unit is centimeter, 1 inch=2.54cm)
A01=11.3x10x1.2cm ; A02=10.5x10.2x1.2cm; A03=10.5x8.5x1.2cm;
A04=13x12x1.2cm; A05=13.2x13x1.2cm; A06=12.6x10x1.2cm
A07=13x12.5x1.2cm; A08=13x13x1.2cm; A09=13.5x12.5x1.2cm
A10=13x12.5x1.2cm; A11=12.9x10.5x1.2cm; A12=13x10.2x1.2cm
A13=13.5x11.2x1.2cm; A14=12x12*1.2cm; A15=13.5x1.4x1cm
A16=12.9x12.7x0.9cm; A17=14x10.4x1.2cm; A18=17.1x11x1.2cm
A19=9x9x1.1cm ; A20=9.5x9.5x0.75cm

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100% brand new, Food-grade Epoxy Silicone
Color:Clear white

★Non-stick , easy to separate, clean, eco-friendly,low carbon, can be recycled
★Simple and useful, Healthfulness,natural antibackerial,High strength softness,corrosion resistant and Adaptability
★Not easy to damage,No crack,Resistance to extreme temperature,-40°C——230°C,(-40°F——446°F)
★Safety,Non-toxic, No smell , Heated evenly
★Jewelry Making Steps:
1.Mix the epoxy to suitable ratio
2.Pour the epoxy into mold
3.Wait until epoxy curing
After dry , if there some place are not smooth,you can use sandpaper or other tools to let them looks more beautiful.

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